Sep 29

MANAGEMENT MINUTE: Share the workload by delegating

delegate-to-improve-efficiencyPart of your job as a supervisor is to know what tasks you should do yourself and which ones you should delegate to your employees. It seems like a simple concept, but many supervisors struggle with letting go of any aspect of their job.

If you’re one who struggles with delegating tasks, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I afraid that my employees will be able to do the job better than I can? This isn’t an uncommon thought. If you never share the knowledge, you’ll be the only one with the skill. While that may bring you a false sense of job security, think again. That train of thought really hinders your own growth as a supervisor.
  • Am I worried that another employee can’t do the job as well as I can? This is another common thought many supervisors have. If you’re afraid that you will look like a failure if your employee messes up a task, think again. Mistakes can be remedied and you should give your employees the chance to rise to a challenge.

One way to break the do-it-yourself mentality is to prioritize your workload. Make a list of the tasks you feel are most important to your job and set those aside for yourself to tackle. Then, make another list of the tasks that need to get done but that are mostly busy work for you, and delegate those responsibilities to some of your employees.

Delegating some of your tasks to other employees will benefit both you and your employees in a variety of ways, including:

  • It will free up some of your time to really focus on the important aspects of your job.
  • It will show your employees that you trust them to handle some of your responsibilities (just make sure that you aren’t dumping all of your work on them).
  • It will enable you to take some much-needed time off. While you are out, you will have peace of mind knowing that things can run smoothly when you’re not around, and that’s okay.
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