Apr 24

CUSTOMER SERVICE CORNER: Rejuvenate your phone voice with these 5 tips

When you’re on the phone with customers most of the day, your voice and throat will likely fatigue. Here are some tips to help you keep your voice fresh for each call.

1. Don’t wait for the call to take a sip. While you need to remain hydrated, drinking a sip of water before a call doesn’t actually hydrate your vocal folds on-the-spot. The water needs a couple of hours to absorb into your body, so drink fluids regularly throughout the day to remain hydrated.

2. Slow down. Remember that without visual cues such as facial expressions and body language, it can take a few seconds longer to process auditory information. Give your customer the time he needs to process what you’re telling him, and slow down when you speak.

3. Smile. Your customer can’t see your face, but a smile will resonate through your voice. Not only that, but the simple act of smiling will lighten your mood and may even make you feel happy.

4. Sit up straight. You’ll breathe deeper and more completely when you sit up straight, and you won’t sound as bored or disinterested as if you were slouching.

5. Articulate. Focus on each word you speak to make sure you aren’t mumbling or slurring your words together. Keep your hands and other items away from your mouth as you speak to avoid making your voice sound muffled.

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